B&D Consultancy Limited founded by Başar Demiralp in 2017 and has been managing by him from beginning.
Başar Demiralp has a bachelor degree in business management mainly focused on electronics, electric, computer hardware, and software development industries. Started his professional business life in 1998. In his recent jobs he worked as an IT professional and Mid Level Manager for different companies and as different type of professions such as IT  support specialist, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Master, First Level Service Desk Agent, Event Manager, Problem Manager, Demand Manager, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Business Process Manager, Head of Business Analyst. He worked more than 13 years of his professional life for Is Investment which is the biggest investment banking company of Turkey. Later than he founded a limited company located in London which aims to support its customers with the best IT services with very well designed solutions regarding his huge experience in IT industry which gathered in years.